Volume 5 Issue 1-2 (2016)

Multicultural Approach to Education from the Russian View

pp. 7-12  |  Published Online: December 2016  |  DOI: 10.22521/unibulletin.2016.512.1

Anzhelina A. Koriakina


The article discusses the definition of a multicultural approach to education from the Russian view. The application of a multicultural approach to education in Russia is shown. Features of a multicultural approach - dialogue of cultures in historical and contemporary context, cultural pluralism, multi-ethnicity – are found. It is concluded that a multicultural approach to education is an educational approach aimed at finding a balance between ethno-cultural diversity and stable social ties, preserving and promoting the variety of ethnic and cultural realities with a view to the progressive development of an individual in a multicultural society. It is revealed that  in Russia the term ‘multicultural approach to education’ is used in the meaning ‘multiethnic’ as it aims to preserve and promote the diversity of ethnic and cultural values, norms, patterns and forms of activity prevailing in the society, and to transfer this heritage to younger generations. 

Keywords: multicultural approach to education, multi-ethnicity, dialogue of diverse cultures, cultural pluralism


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