Volume 8 Issue 1 (2019)

Transformation in one UK University: Impact on Employees of a Dental School

pp. 19-29  |  Published Online: September 2019  |  DOI: 10.22521/unibulletin.2019.81.2

Abdurahman M. Salem and Abubaker S. Qutieshat


University transformation has been previously studied, but little research on the effect of organizational transformation on dental schools has been reported. The purpose of this work was to analyze the impact of the transformation on full-time faculty members of a dental school at a UK university. In addition, the study aimed to understand the perception for change and the environment surrounding the transformational plan by means of a questionnaire distributed among 30 faculty members. Negative attitudes predominated among the employees. Perhaps this was somewhat related to a lack of information and communication. Several issues surfaced as those of concern to the employees: (1) the plan’s negative manifestations has already had an impact through changes implemented on staff such as downgrading and forcing employees into either voluntary severance or redundancy which has led to an increased workload and an overall sensation of staff uncertainty and job insecurity; (2) the plan lacked an explicit underlying objective, framework and strategic basis; (3) the plan eased a rather undesirable expeditious execution of staff grading processes that were held hastily under stressful situations. Only very few positive issues were mentioned such as an improved managerial system and committee structures within the school. Overall, most employees revealed a degree of stress and uncertainty.

Keywords: University transformation, education management, university, staff


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