Volume 11 Issue 2 (2022)

Teacher Competencies in Virtual Learning: A Brief of Students’ Voice

pp. 83-95  |  Published Online: December 2022  |  DOI: 10.22521/unibulletin.2022.112.5

Suryawahyuni Latief, Dedek Kusnadi, Mulyadi Mulyadi


Background/purpose – Since the Covid 19 pandemic hit the world, the Indonesian government anticipated the spread of the virus by issuing new policies in various sectors of life, including the education sector. Through the minister of education and culture, the government issued the learning-from-home policy, Belajar Dari Rumah (BDR). Entering the odd semester of the 2022/2023 academic year, learning activities has carried out face-to-face. However, some teachers at universities in Jambi City still choose virtual learning activities. Considering that virtual learning activities are still an option for lecturers, it is necessary to explore the competence of teachers to carry out.

Materials/methods – This is a qualitative research that involved 15 students from Jambi University, Jambi, Indonesia. Data were collected through in-depth interviewed

Results – Most of the students mention that teacher lack competencies in three categories of virtual learning, namely in time management, learning methods, and delivery subjects. Students provide suggestions to improve teacher competencies in time management by using time effectively and efficiently, choosing diverse virtual learning methods, both audio-visual, game, discussion, and feedback, and communicating with good grammar and clear pronunciation in subject delivering

Conclusion – students said that teachers should improve their competencies in time management, learning methods, and delivery of learning materials. This research was limited, It is better to run studies at other universities and from different study programs so that it can provide useful insight to improve teacher competencies in teaching virtually.

Keywords: Jambi student’s voice, teacher competencies, virtual learning, managing virtual learning


Accepted: The final version of the article will be published soon.



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